Training to upskill your team

Develop and motivate your marketing team with personalised training delivered in live, virtual, on-demand and one-to-one formats.

Next generation of merketers

Marketing training that is matched to your needs

Masterclass programmes

Acquire the foundational skills
Engage in actionable masterclasses delivered as a series of workshops to master the skills to execute on:
🛍️ Marketing in Ecommerce
📖 Marketing in EdTech
🎯 Marketing strategy
📅 Marketing campaigns

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Skill-based workshops

Boost mastery of a particular skill
Train your team on in-demand marketing skills that they can apply immediately to grow your brand. Select from a portfolio of skill-based and project-focused workshops that will be tailored to your industry and will guide your team to come up with a practical action plan.

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Training for executives

Onboard and train your executives
Train your entry-level marketers on practical marketing skills to deliver value to your team and business. The training includes the design of a Personal Development Plan, the delivery of a Personal Learning Plan and weekly learning & coaching experience.

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ACTA's learning experience

Workshops: Every session is based on one marketing skill and is delivered in live, virtual, on-demand and one-to-one formats.
Materials: Presentations, practical templates, examples and recordings are provided.
Case studies: Our workshops contain best practices and examples from your competitors.
Project-based: Feature your company as a workshop project to practise a new skill.
Action plan: At the end of the workshop, your team will come up with anaction plan and ideas for your company.

Skill-based workshops tailored to your needs

Marketing foundation

📌 Marketing strategy
📌 Customer value proposition
📌 Messaging
📌 Consumer insights
📌 Jobs-to-be-done
📌 Competitive review
📌 Marketing campaigns
📌 Marketing analytics
📌 Funnel: lead generation and conversion
📌 Growth marketing

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Digital marketing channels

📌 Digital marketing channels
📌 Email marketing
📌 Marketing automation
📌 Paid social media
📌 Paid search
📌 Partnerships
📌 Affiliates
📌 Influencer marketing  

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Brand & content

📌 Brand building
📌 Copywriting for marketers
📌 Content marketing
📌 SEO blog writing
📌 Email writing
📌 Social media marketing
📌 Landing page creation
📌 Website management

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Free digital marketing webinars

Training for Marketing Executives

Free digital marketing webinars

🚀 A Personal Development Plan (PDP) will be created for every executive specifying their developmental goals and required marketing skills.
📖 A Personal Learning Plan will be designed based on the PDP.
🎯 Weekly learning &coaching will include:
- 1 hour of learning content with practical templates &examples
- A 1-hour one-to-one coaching session
- Weekly hands-on projects with feedback
- Unlimited Q&A

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Meet your instructor

Free digital marketing webinars

Victoria is a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at CAROL Bike, a start-up in the biohacking space.
Over the past 18 years, she has worked at top corporations, including Nestle, Intuit, Orange, and EE, as well as taking on CMO roles in start-ups in both the US and the UK.
Victoria found her passion in teaching and explaining marketing using digestible frameworks.

Free digital marketing webinars