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Download our practical career guides to help you kick off your career in marketing or progress to a more senior role. Learn how to get your first marketing job, write an effective marketing CV and create a winning portfolio.

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Free digital marketing webinars

How to Create a Marketing Portfolio

Free digital marketing webinars

Download our practical guide and framework for creating a Marketing Portfolio that works—and use it to get ahead in your career.

  • Increase your chances of landing a job
  • Establish credibility and build your personal brand
  • Negotiate higher pay
Switch Program

Switch from university to landing your first marketing job

10-week course, 15-20 hours per week
Join our SWITCH programme to get your digital marketing career off to the right start.

  • Learn how to launch a Facebook campaign, build an effective marketing email, manage social media accounts and create a landing page
  • Develop your soft skills such as problem-solving, presentation and communication, and get career support to land your dream job
  • Showcase your new skills by making your own Digital Marketing Portfolio to ensure that you stand out in today’s crowded job market
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How to get your first marketing job

Free digital marketing webinars

Learn how to write a powerful cover letter, master job ad mirroring and understand how to ask and answer questions to demonstrate your soft skills.

  • The job landscape
  • Personal development
  • Pre-application, application and interview stages
Free digital marketing webinars

How to write an effective marketing CV

Free digital marketing webinars

Learn how to identify the in-demand skills recruiters are looking for, master how to craft a powerful bio and discover methods to enhance your CV and stand out from the crowd.

  • 5 truths about CV
  • Build your CV: Action plan
  • Skills-based CV template
  • CV samples
Free digital marketing webinars

Webinars on marketing & career skills

Free digital marketing webinars

Join marketing professionals from top companies in one of ACTA’s webinars, which will help you develop your digital marketing skills and learn how to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

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